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Charge Points Draymans Way, Alton

About The Project

Alton council have taken the lead with new electric car chargers with a big push for county wide installation. EHDC have also purchased two electric cars for the use of staff. Manor Car Park has now been supplied with two new charger points for public use. The charger points have proven to be a huge success with electric car owners in East Hampshire.


The Objective

The objective for this project was to install three vehicle charging units within a public car park. The car park is situated behind Alton High Street, a busy local community. Due to high footfall and vehicle access in the area we had to be conscious of the space we were using as well as the noise for the community.


The Outcome

To prevent any disruption on the high street we tried to make sure we took up the least amount of space within the car park facility. We successful installed three charging units within the car park which enables the public to charge their cars whilst shopping in the high street.

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