Connect IT Utility Services

Highwood, Horsham

About The Development

Highwood has been designed to exceed the expectations of today’s sophisticated homebuyer in terms of location, build quality, interior specification and sustainability.

The Objective

Highwood, was a large scale development compromised of two phases. We have been involved in both phases of development and have connected all properties on the site. The developer have focused on creating beautiful, successful homes in London and the South of England which is a focus which we value and support through our own work. They aim to tackle the housing shortage, make a lasting contribution to the landscape and to the communities surrounding.

The Outcome

At Connect It, we also like to make a lasting impression. We aim to please all of our clients and make their experience in entirety, a pleasant one from start to finish. This attractive development is one which we have been very proud to be working on and aim to complete in the near future. Installing utilities to such a large-scale development can bring many challenges to the developer and all parties involved. We can provide all your utility needs in one package including metering to make your development seamless. Highwood is a great example of how our team is able to conduct all utilities in one service.

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