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Maudlin Nursery, Westhampnett

About The Development

The appealing development of new homes in Westhampnett comprised traditional 2, 3 and 4 bedroom detached and semi-detached houses in an excellent semi-rural location, close to Chichester, West Sussex.

The Objective

The objective for this installation was to install 99 multi-utility connections as well as three types of utility sources. This including a barrier water system to combat the lack of water, a dual gas governor system to allow gas to be converted to the correct pressure for the homes and an 11kv substation converting high voltage electricity to be converted to a low voltage ready to be relayed into the properties.

The Outcome

We installed 99 multi-utility connections to the development. All these connections would be linked to the corresponding system, the gas governor, the barrier water system and the 11Kv substation which we also installed. As MUR’s accredited we were able to provide utilities simultaneously, a massive benefit for the client which is both, cost and time effective. As this was a medium sized site we thought that it was important to ensure we cooperate with not only with the client but other contractors which have been assigned to ensure safe working and efficiency.

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