Connect IT Utility Services

The Range Distribution, Bristol

About The Development

“The 1.2 million sq ft “mega-shed” will be one of the largest distribution hubs ever seen in the UK.”

The Objective

The Range distribution centre is a well thought out development in Central Park, Avonmouth alongside the M49. The site benefits from unique planning permission which allows immediate development of B8 – that is, storage and distribution space. Due to the sheer scale of the site, it required two 1.2MVA substations which were installed to transform voltage to the correct output for the large centre. At Connect It we have the scope to provide to a wide variety of clients just like The Range which is something we are proud of.

The Outcome 

To supply the mega-shed with electricity two 1.2MVA substations were installed, these units were looped together. Due to being such large scale, the process was complex, technical and unique. The installation was tailored specifically so that nothing was unaccounted for from the start to completion.

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