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The Lakes, Lechlade

The Development

A Private Estate Of Second Homes & Luxury Villas In The Cotswolds.

The Objective

The Lakes is a picturesque development surrounded by woodlands in Lechlade which serves as a beautiful retreat. Our main responsibility on this development was to design and install all multi-utility connections to provide gas, water and electric to the properties being built across the lakes. We also installed 4 substations to step down the power voltage and a gas governor to regulate the gas pressure for home appliances. As a team, we aimed to be considerate within the semi-rural location and make sure that our work was carried out timely.

The Outcome

We sucessfully installed all multi utility connections on the development with the addition of both the gas govner and 4 substations located across the developement site. Our commitment and project managaement meant that the installation was completed within a reasonable timescale that allowed our client to proceed with the next phase of development.

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