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Gas Connections

We can connect onto IP and MP gas mains, can install gas governors, install gas mains and complete service tapping’s and gas meter installation.

Our Gas Service

We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers across the changing landscape of the utility industry. We provide solutions that utilise the latest design and onsite engineering technologies as well as BORIS, our remote management service that allows us to meet compliance standards to fully achieve your utility connection needs. As a fully approved member of the Lloyds Gas Industry Registration Scheme (GIRS). Our range of services covers all types of new gas infrastructure design and construction. Be it a new gas network for a residential site, or a bespoke commercial infrastructure solution, our estimation and pre-delivery team, and engineers will consult with you to deliver a solution that meets your project’s requirements.

We will evaluate your load requirements, the existing infrastructure’s capacity and the capacity of the Gas Network Owner’s local infrastructure to ensure that the needed capacities are available. We will then identify the optimum solution to meet your new load requirements. Where upsizing is required, the supply will be redesigned and reconstructed in an increased pipe diameter and a larger gas meter installed to achieve your capacity requirements. Gas infrastructure and new gas networks will be installed using the latest no-dig engineering technologies where possible, including trenchless techniques such as moling and directional drilling. Adopting these trenchless methods can speed up physical pipe installation, enable its installation across more challenging terrains and reduce disruption to your site and surrounding area.

Our experienced team of Industry Engineers will meet all your connection requirements and build your project on time and within budget. From a small housing development to industrial and commercial projects. We can also install your meter (domestic only) to avoid any potential delay.

  • CCCR (Construction/ commission/ connection – routine)l CNRB Connections (Non – routine) basic
  • Meter installation
  • Disconnections / Service Alterations

Smart Metering

We will meet your metering needs, whether you require the installation, coordination of standard domestic U6 gas meters, Smart Meters or a bespoke meter solution that is designed, constructed and installed to satisfy the demands. Metering solutions can be deceptively complex, with multiple parties, such as the meter owners and energy suppliers requiring consultation before works can be initiated. Coupled with ensuring your needs are met whilst complying with safety regulations on positioning, housing and ventilation are adhered to. The virtual upgrade to the energy system is being implemented to enable more efficient, greener, smarter energy and lay the foundations for the “Smart grid”, the new way we will run our energy network.

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