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Social Responsibility

Our Practice

At Connect It Utility Services we are committed to excellent organisational practice.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

Detailed below is our Modern Slavery and Human Tracking Act, July 2018 Issue 2. Ensuring that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place internally or in supply chains.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Modern Slavery Policy

Whistle Blowing Policy and Procedure

Detailed below is our Whilst Blowing Policy, May 2018 Issue 1.

Whistle Blowing Policy and Procedure

Code of Conduct

Detailed below is our Code of Conduct, May 2018 Issue 2. The Code summarizes the values, principles and business practices that guide the business conduct of the Company.

Code of Conduct

Tax Evasion Policy

Detailed below is our Tax Evasion Policy October 2018 Issue 1.

Tax Evasion

Supply Chain & Procurement Policy

Detailed below is our Supply Chain Policy, October 2018 Issue 1. Our Supply Chain & Procurement Policy has been developed to promote procurement of more sustainable solutions, products and materials as well as the development of sustainable business relationships.

Supply Chain & Procurement

Privacy Notice

This notice explains how the Connect It Utility Services collects, stores, manages and protects your personal data. The companies to which this notice applies are set out at the bottom of this notice.

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